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DeltaSigma’s INTELLIGENT integrated Automation in blast furnace, Steel Melting shops and Re heating furnaces has increased output by about 8-10% and has resulted in high amount of saving in fuel consumption. Automation in the rolling mill has contributed to about 15% increase in the output.


The working condition of the employees has improved drastically. The operating personal strength is reduced by 25% and the overall production cost is reduced by 20%. An integrated steel plant has many Departments operating in an interdependent fashion to produce steel products. There are production Departments, Services resources development, materials management, finance, personnel, marketing and computer &IT. Among other departments, production planning & control (PPC) Department is one of the important departments in the service category.

Production departments are Ore Bedding & blending, coke ovens, sinter plants, blast furnace, steel melting shop and various rolling mills. All these departments have their individual roles to play in keeping the plant operation smooth & sound. They depend on each other from time to time for day to day transaction and information flow. The top management also needs information regarding functioning of the plant in the form of management information system (MIS) from time to time and plant performance parameters on a real time basis. Apart from these, customer also needs information regarding the status of his order. All of these activities and information should flow very fast within the organization so as to bring efficiency & competitiveness in the system.


Most of the integrated steel plants across the globe have implemented ERP and realized the benefits both in the form of operational efficiency as well as working capital reduction. ERP products for steel industry come along with industry best practices and specific task features. Most of the private players in the steel industry across the globe including India like Arcelor Mittal, TISCO CORUS, Jindal Steel, POSCO, ISPAT, VoestAlpine etc. have already implemented ERP. The public sector metal industries like SAIL, RINL, NALCO, HINDUSTAN Copper etc are currently in the process of implementing ERP. ERP helps in ensuring smooth flow of information while facilitating multiple and multi user transactions across the entire supply chain of the Organsiation. The supply chain includes all the activities, the function and the facilities supplier to the customer. The SCM (supply chain management) is optimizing each components of production, operation management. Various models such as Just in time (JIT), Inventory management model, Vendor managed inventory (VMI) model, Zero inventory model (ZI), Total Quality Management Model (TQM) are already in place.

Delta Sigma’s Intelligent Integrated Automation Solutions for

Speedy installation and commissioning.
Improving the process.
Controlling the process.
Reducing the cost of production.
Maintaining the equipment.
Environment management.
Safety of Human and equipment.

Delta Sigma Intelligent Integrated Automation helps in

Reduced cabling(use of remote I/O’s).
Speedy commissioning(simpler tuning of PID loops)
Entire engineering and commissioning from central control room.

DELTA SIGMA Automation for improving the process

Batching Control
Continuous monitoring of the process parameters
Maintains the consistency in process parameters
Ease of Operation and maintenance of equipment
Gas distribution to consumers in safe and controlled manner
Optimized utilization of energy

DELTA SIGMA Automation for Controlling the process

Alarms and Trends helps to control the process
Trends will helps to view long term history of the furnace.
Smart Devices helps in controlling the process.

DELTASIGMA Automation for Reducing the Cost of Production

By implementing the expert system of level 2 automation
Better control of Raw material
Optimum utilization of Power.
Minimizing the human errors.
Improving the plant availability.

DELTASIGMA Automation for Maintaining the equipments

Advancements in asset status assessment, through condition monitoring.
Automation helps in reducing the Breakdowns and increases the life of Equipment.

DELTASIGMA Automation for Environment Management

Optimum utilization of environmental equipments (Dedusting,sludge handling)
Optimum utilization of Combustion control systems.

DELTASIGMA Automation safety of Human and equipment.

Gas Monitoring system
Monitoring and alarming the gas hazardous area.
Remote operation of Equipments in Hazardous area (Cast house equipments).
Safety alarms for motion equipments(conveyors).
Safety alarms for rotary equipments (pumps, compressors, fans etc).

Integrated architecture for automation system in a steel plant.

PLC’s for sequential control
DCS systems for process control
Motion in controllers
Drive systems for drives control

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