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DeltaSigma has been providing a comprehensive range of professional services to the power industry.

DeltaSigma Energy Management System (EMS) has been developed to meet the requirement of all type of users big and small. It can be configured to operate for 1 to more than 500 Energy Monitors. Some of the salient features are :

Based on Proven and Industry Standard Automation System components from SIEMENS.

Independent of the Make / Model of Energy Monitors used. Energy Monitors of virtually any Make with Modbus/RS-485/Profibus/ASCII protocol can be used.

Intelligent gateway (Based on PLC) allows high level of flexibility.

User Specific Control logic for Load Control/ Power Factor Control / Load shedding / Alarms can be implemented.

Different Max. load settings can be done for Normal Hours and Peak Load Hours for Alarms / Tripping. Trend archiving of important Electrical parameters.

Automatic / Manual generation of Daily as well as Monthly Energy consumption reports. Logging of Limit Violations for load / power-factor with date and time (optionally, also of Closing / Tripping / alarms of various feeders ) Export of Energy Consumption data to MS-Excel for MIS purposes.

DeltaSigma Sub Station Automation System

Most of the Substation SCADA systems available in the market are primarily designed for Transmission and Distribution Utility Companies and are not suitable for the requirements and budget of Industrial users.

DeltaSigma Substation SCADA system is an integrated Energy Management cum Substation SCADA system specially developed for industrial users for control and visualisation of Distribution substations from 132kV to 415V.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Based on Proven and Industry Standard Automation System components from SIEMENS.
  • Completely modular in structure, it can be scaled up / down to match user require.
  • Separate Energy management system is not required as the same is integrated into the system.

All types of communication protocols can be implemented e.g. Profibus , Modbus, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet, IEC-60870 , IEC-61850 are supported. Proprietary protocols can also be implemented where required. Energy Monitors, Circuit breakers, Protection Relays of various manufacturers can be integrated.

Can be implemented for a Single / Multiple substations. Distributed as well as Centeralised control and monitoring can be provided. Operator can control all Circuit Breakers / Isolators from the SCADA screen.

  • Various Automatic control schemes can be implemented e.g.
  • Auto Changeover on Supply Failure / Restoration
  • Changeover with Momentary Paralleling
  • Power Factor control based on KVARsss
  • Load Shedding
  • Maximum Demand Control
  • Interlocking schemes

Visual indication / alarms for various interlock conditions / malfunctions is provided for easy operation / troubleshooting.

Sub Station SCADA Systems

DeltaSigma undertake, Engineering, software Development and Commissioning of Substation SCADA systems designed for Transmission and Distribution Utility Companies for large networks.

The two standard systems which are used to implement substation automation systems for large networks are :


All industry standard commuication protocols are supported e.g. :

  • IEC-60870-5-101
  • IEC-60870-5-103
  • IEC-60870-5-104
  • IEC-61850
  • Modbus-RTU
  • Modbus-TCP
  • DNP 3.0

The system can be configured for a stand-alone substation or for a complete Grid consisting of hundreds of substations.

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