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DeltaSigma’s Industrial Wireless Security Solutions

DeltaSigma offers a broad range of scalable solutions and services to ensure the most effective and reliable site security. We lead our competition with a strong history as a single source for seamlessly intelligent integrating industrial security products with process control systems for greater efficiency and plant reliability. A DS intelligent integrated and centrally managed security solution results in a faster, proactive response to alarms and events, and reduced installation and maintenance costs.

DeltaSigma offers efficient safety solutions to:

  • Petrochemical (Onshore/Offshore, Upstream, Midstream and Downstream)
  • Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper and Mining
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminals
  • National Industrial Infrastructure and Government Facilities

We take a holistic approach to implement a combination of multiple technologies to properly secure an industrial site. DeltaSigma is uniquely qualified to provide a total wireless security system that will integrate into the entire process control environment.

Some of the highlights of DeltaSigma industrial security solutions are:

Access Control: DeltaSigma has been a leader in the design and implementation of access control solutions with installations around the world.

Asset Tracking: DeltaSigma’s Asset Locator is a comprehensive solution that monitors the real-time location and status of equipment and people throughout a facility.

Command & Control: At the heart of a comprehensive industrial solution is the command and control center. It is from here that all systems are brought together to operate on a single platform.

Holistic Approach: DeltaSigma’s holistic approach to security brings together all the key areas of focus such as Consulting, Design, Installation and Service that are necessary in delivering a complete solution.

Perimeter Detection: Security for a facility begins beyond the perimeter. From radar and electronic detection systems to fences and barriers we can deliver the appropriate solution to help keep you informed about potential intruders.

Regulatory Compliance: Federal mandates addressing emerging threats to the global critical infrastructure are requiring companies to take a more proactive approach to securing their facilities. DeltaSigma understands these challenges and can work with your team in creating the right balance between the needs of the facility and federal mandates.

Video Surveillance: DeltaSigma is a global leader in industrial video surveillance solutions with hundreds of installations around the world and unmatched expertise in design and deployment.

DeltaSigma’s wireless transmitters reliably and securely transmit up to 1800 feet on a 3-5 year battery life with an accuracy of ±0.1%.

You’ll quickly and safely monitor process areas and assets you never imagined possible and receive the following benefits:

  • Reduce installation, maintenance and operating costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Ensure high uptime
  • Enhance flexibility

Futuristic Approach

A refining customer suspected that past compressor failures were due to failing bearings. The cost of compressor failure and replacement is estimated at over $1 million per unit. The most accurate way to confirm the problem would be to monitor the bearing temperature. By monitoring bearing temperature, the customer could predict failure and potentially prevent it by implementing a preventive maintenance program.

Because hazardous gases are present near the compressor unit, the application must be treated as explosive, and wiring between the compressor and the control room must meet Class I,Div 1spec. This makes the wiring costs extremely high and the time needed to wire the transmitters quite lengthy. The cost to hardwiring the transmitters required to monitor the critical temperatures soon became prohibitive.

Delta Sigma’s Wireless Solution

DS wireless transmitters were the obvious solution. They eliminated the most expensive wiring costs and enabled the customer to bring the critical temperature information into the existing DCS system for monitoring and alarming. The DeltaSigma system provides the field data needed at a fraction of what a hard-wired solution would cost. The installation and commissioning time was also greatly reduced.

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