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Custom Engineering and Project Support services from DeltaSigma cover end-to-end system integration services, including database customization and pre-test services using an advanced simulation process. These services allow users to enjoy a higher return on investment by addressing every potential resource constraint or complex process installation.

Custom Engineering and Project Support services include the following:

  • Site Survey - an inventory of existing equipment and evaluation to determine the necessity of additional maintenance or repair, keeping in mind the customer’s budget
  • Product Configuration, Programming and Calibration Support – DeltaSigma’s technicians work with plant personnel to configure equipment and ensure proper ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Product and System Integration - DeltaSigma’s experts provide integration and communication between other products and systems, supplying configuration worksheets, device wiring diagrams and configuration/application files
  • Commissioning – DeltaSigma’s technicians ensure installation is done correctly.

The result of these services is maximum return on the users' technology investment through personalized service and assistance throughout the lifecycle of the process installation.

DeltaSigma adopts a lifecycle management approach to provide a long-term, flexible, risk sharing partnership in managing installed assets. The program is uniquely designed to maximize the expected results from installed hardware and software.

It starts with a thorough analysis of the project during the site survey phase. Then Delta sigma experts configure equipment quickly and accurately to ensure tank gauges, blenders, injectors and provers comply with applicable standards.

DeltaSigma also acts as system integrator, providing database customization and pre-test services using an advanced simulation process to increase the value of investment in tank inventory management programs.

Finally, Delta sigma’s experts ensure that the process installation is done correctly and perform a final inspection to mitigate risk of any potential problems.

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