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DeltaSigma offers comprehensive design solutions in the engineering and Process Automation industries. Covering all the sectors of Oil & Gas, Steel, Water Management, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Power, Home Automation, Life Sciences, Chemical, Ect. Where ever our dynamic structural engineers and technical experts deliver solutions. Our employees apply cost-effective and time-sensitive designs that prevent costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our customers in the private and public sectors—both nationwide and internationally.

DeltaSigma provides the following support services:

  • Design Management: Our unique blend of quality, project management controls, and large project experience enables us to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing demand for services ranging from safe and efficient modes of automation to state-of-the-art instrumentation systems.
  • Design Engineering: These services are part of an overall planning and review process that supports projects by refining concepts to allow for funding, rights of way, and project implementation. DeltaSigma’ design engineering services follow an inspection, planning, or study assignment and precede construction inspection.
  • Design-Build Construction: Because of the effective skills of our dedicated employees, we’ve become a leader in design-build. DeltaSigma often serves as lead designer, providing engineering, design, and construction services for a variety of projects. Our staffs perform technical and financial feasibility analyses, provide construction quality assurance, prepare bid documents and proposals, give presentations, negotiate with the owner, and procure services.

The range of innovative products, systems and solutions for the distinctive requirements of clients is as varied and diverse as the industry and trade itself. The spectrum of offerings at Industry Automation ranges from standard products to system solutions for energy and automation technologies used in manufacturing and process industries. As the leading provider of industry software, the Division optimizes entire value-added chains of manufacturing companies – from product design and development, to production, sales and service.

Participation in the DESIGN phase of a project lays the foundation for the development of a best of class solution for the project. The DESIGN phase has two basic elements: a technical aspect and a work process aspect.

Technical Management: Working in cooperation with the plant owner and process designer(s) the Delta Sigma organisation utilizes its unique combination of technical expertise and product knowledge from Delta Sigma’s own portfolio of products and that of alternative suppliers to provide the best technical concept definition, project standards, common functional design criteria and generic equipment specifications.

Work Processes: The DESIGN phase is also the period when the management systems and specific project plans to be employed during project execution are defined and developed into documented processes. Each organisation (owner, EPC contractor designers and Delta Sigma) has its own internal standards and requirements for executing its work. These internal processes reflect the basic tenets of the respective organisation and are the foundation for how each approaches the various execution phases. A balance between the project specific requirements and the basic work processes of each of the participants must be achieved. Basic integration of the respective work processes must also be achieved to make transfer of critical engineering data and documentation possible. This integration of work processes and establishing a common approach to execution are key elements in achieving flawless Turnkey execution. Delta Sigma utilizes a proven Interface Management approach to achieve this.

The initial Front End Engineering & Design activities of a project are performed to determine its feasibility and to develop the initial project cost estimates.

During the DESIGN phase the Delta Sigma team, in conjunction with the customer, develops a detailed responsibility matrices to show who is responsible for what, assists with specifying the elements of the system, importantly including safety etc, and provides input into the overall estimate to determine the initial budget covering all phases of the project.

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